Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it Christmas?

Because I feel like it is. We don't have to work tomorrow, school is closed, I'm very excited. We don't have any chores to do. Well, we do, but we'll ignore them. I can't sleep. I'm too excited about having Wednesday off. I've spent the last 3 hours surfing the internet for nothing in particular and am watching really dumb tv shows.

I have a fun update to post tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

We had a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Played, ate, napped...

These are a glimpse of what a lazy day looks like for us:

Notice his bandana from Dan's halloween costume, his dressy shirt leftover from church with yogurt all down the front because he HAD to have these foolish yogurts that you squeeze and eat from the container. They're dumb. Really dumb. You spend months, maybe years, trying to teach your child how to eat with a spoon. How to not make a mess. How to sit right at the table. Then some lazy person comes up with the idea to basically squeeze the container so you can just lick up the yogurt?!

And I actually fell for it in the grocery store too. I told Nathaniel to pick out what yogurt he wanted and he said "Carter has these, he eats them every day, I want these". So fine, I'm a firm believer in picking my battles, so we got them. I'll tell you one item we'll never be buying again.

My favorite part of the outfit is the pants. Those are size 2T jammy pants. He's now in a 5T so clearly, they're Quite a bit small. But we weren't going back out, it's Lazy Sunday remember?

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