Sunday, May 4, 2014

We're back!

We're back at camp!  Clean up for us was as easy as unloading the car.  Kids were out of site the minute we pulled in,  checking in with their old friends.  

We were given a deck, which was a wonderful treat.  We're the third owners, as it was originally salvaged from the 2011 flood
See the kayaker? 

Anyways, all hands on deck - literally - as all the cool men got together for deck replanting. Amazingness. 



Even some underground assistance 

Lunch was served for all

After lunch, I washed the camper, Dan installed the bike rack and we went for a walk to check out the river.  Dan was off helping other decks be moved around and spread stone.  Work was tiresome but fun with great people.  

Love our new maxxair skylight covers, that again we gifted to us by another seasonal family that no longer needed them.  

Audrey took a frisbie to the nose and later needed some heavyduty-lay on her to keep her down- splinter removal but otherwise injury free weekend.  

Before we head home, Dan is troubleshooting & resealing the front problem window so hopefully we can eliminate future leaks.  

Successful weekend.  Back in two weeks.   

New bedding