Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And this is how we start the day

A bunch of Saturday's ago, I wanted to see Michael Jackson's movie "This Is It". We'd left soccer at 12, movie started at 12:15, no time to drop Nathaniel off at home. I'd heard the movie was great and thought Nathaniel might like the band footage and all the effects of the show so What else do you do but bring him with you.

Regardless of what you think of Michael Jackson, I highly recommend the movie. Yah, he was a little weird. Yah, there was tons of controversy in his life. The movie didn't even hint to any of that. It was pure musical brilliance. A glimpse of what you would've seen had he ever gone on tour.

Nathaniel Loved the movie. The dancing, the band, the bulldozer scene near the end. The Thriller scene freaked him out & he had to hide.

Fast forward to Christmas. A co-worker gave me the soundtrack to the movie. It's good stuff. I can't wait to run to it outside in the spring.

I always play music in the morning while we get ready to go. It's a regular Dance Party USA at our house. What a way to start the day.

The kids were showing off some especially sweet moves this morning:

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Finally, an update!

We had a wonderful Christmas. We've been celebrating for over a week now and it's been fabulous spending time with everyone.

We took the kids to see Santa last week. Audrey loved him from a distance but when it came time to get within the same breathing space - she flipped. Our final picture definitely came out interesting and wasn't quite worth the hour and a half we waited for it. I did get a shot on my own of Nathaniel in his lap. He was so excited and would not stop talking to the poor guy!

Nathaniel insisted on making a sign for the reindeer so they would know to stop at our house.

Christmas Eve, we hung the sign outside and sprinkled reindeer food (oatmeal & glitter) around the sign. Nahtaniel surprised us & went right to sleep, Audrey fussed all night but for reasons other than Christmas.

Dan started putting the kitchen together around 10:30. That thing had more pieces than I've ever seen. I enjoyed sitting back with my hot cup of coffee watching as he put in one screw at a time. All 500 of them. He handled it very well and was finished by 1:30.

Nathaniel woke up at 6am and we came downstairs at 7am. I expected a massive whirlwind of wrapping paper and toys flying all over the place but they played with each gift for a while, then opened another. It was drawn out & really enjoyable.

Click the picture for the slideshow. Hopefully by the time this post is up, the video is also ready for viewing.

Later in the afternoon, Dan & I removed the tree and all decorations, putting the house back to normal. Our tree was SO dead, I couldn't handle it anymore. I'm excited to still have two more days off, then I only work three days and then four more days off. Can't beat that!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Friday!

What a slacker I am.