Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday is the new Monday

Welcome to my Tuesday. The day following a long weekend of relaxation.

Load up kids, my bags, lunch boxes. Leave the house 7am.

Get 3/4 way to school, realize I left my cell phone at home.

Turn around, get phone, head back to the school. Normally would've just left phone but I have a 2:50 dentist appointment and I can't not have a phone in case kids need me.

Near the school, I get cut off in a bad way. Slam on brakes, we all fly forward but we're ok, thank God for seatbelts & carseats.

While wait turn to into school parking lot, Audrey begins to projectile vomit. Everywhere. Repeatedly. Now she's hysterically crying.

Pull into parking spot. Nathaniel starts to cough and whine. I look at him, he's pale and says "Audrey's making me cough"

He had been watching her and it was making him sick.

Bad things are about to happen. She's crying. He's green & coughing. Need to act quickly. I whip him out of the car seat & get him to do deep breaths with his arms up high. Get her out of the car and wrap her up in a blanket to hide the puke.

Clearly the seatbelt caught her belly when I stopped short. Lots of belly pressure shortly after 8oz of milk and breakfast are not a good mix.

Rushed the kids in the bathroom before anyone sees us, washed her up, changed her outfit & dropped them both off. Nathaniel pridefully tells all his friends that Audrey has the throw ups. They all think it's cool. Get weird looks from him teachers, I shrug my shoulders and pretend not to know what he's talking about.

Now I have to drop off my car for service at the dealership. Oil change, brake check & A/C fix.

Get a rental car just in case Audrey gets sick again. Jeep Wrangler - cool!

They offer to clean out the carseat for me! Even Better!

Get to work by 9. Spend 15 minutes washing all vomit covered articles recovered from the car. Work Work Work. Three impromtu meetings result in accomplishing very little in my brief time in the office.

Dan goes to doctor, Is told he has Bronchitis.

Listen to one boss whine about his busy day. Yah, my heart bleeds for him.

Leave at 2:30 for the 2:50 dentist appointment to finally finish off the evil crowned tooth. Dentist calls while I'm on my way. Appointment was at 2:30 not 2:50. OOPS. I'm given a guilt trip but am told Maybe they can squeeze me in still.

Yes, they squeeze me in. Wonderful! I ignore the comments about how late I was and focus on how I received high marks during the cleaning, compliments on how well I take care of my teeth. WAAHOOO. Dentist fixes my crown for good. Relief!! Uh-oh, he just mumbled something about broken teeth. Ask him to repeat what he said. Oh ok, it's just two top teeth that are cracked from old fillings.


Schedule appointment to fix those teeth. Worst case scenario $1,000 out of my pocket. WHAT?!?! That's if I can hold out till January when insurance starts over. let's not even talk about if I need emergency care in the meantime.

Oh and that cleaning of my glimmering pearly whites? $80 of out pocket. Lovely.

Go back to dealership. A/C fix was free, brakes are fine, Oil change reduced to $15 because of special agreement. Serpentine belt replaced. Total bill $140. Come back in two weeks for another A/C check since they can't find the leak. Ok.

Return fun black Jeep Wrangler. $50 charge. What a waste.

They couldn't get the smell out of the carseat without taking it apart, which they can't do. Bummer.

Spent the early part of my night taking apart and cleaning a really stinky carseat. Gross.

Worked from 9pm - 1am on special projects till the system kicked me out. Exhausted.

Fall asleep.

Nathaniel wakes up at 1:15am crying because his knees hurt and his sheets are uncomfortable. Weirdo. Told him he has growing pains and now he's distraught because growing hurts.

Get him back to sleep.

Crawl back in bed.

Fall asleep.

Audrey starts crying. 1:35am.

Get her resettled.

Go back to sleep. Get up at 5am, back at the office by 7am. Head to Portland, ME for a day of meetings.

At least we're that much closer to the weekend.

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