Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you?

I remember it so clearly. I was working at Sadler in Nashua. My coworker Bill, was walking downstairs and told me that his wife Cheryl just called to say a plane flew into one of the twin towers. We actually cracked a few jokes together about what kind of idiot is that far off track and how they couldn't manage to avoid such a monstrous building.

We clearly had the wrong type of plane in mind. Boy were we wrong.

News of this mysterious plane was spreading fast. Family & Clients were calling in, the internet was failing us so we all ended up in the conference room huddled around the little tv.

No one could make sense of what was happening. We watched in shock as the second plane hit the south tower. I remember Diane Berube reached over and held my hand. We cried as we watched the horror on the New Yorkers faces. It still didn't make any sense. How could TWO commercial planes screw up so badly. We denied talk of Terrorists.

And then the Pentagon happened. We cried more. And then there another plane, possibly more, were missing. Diane held my hand tighter.

We no longer tossed around the words Terrorist Attack. If you don't say it, it's not real right? What else was about to happen to us? It was so beautiful outside in Nashua, New Hampshire. How could this really be happening in OUR Country? To OUR people?

Our boss, Art's brother worked in the immediate area in NY. Obviously, they couldn't get through to him. I remember being so amazed at Art's strength during such an uncertain time. He sat there so calm, so poised. Taking it all in before coming to any conclusions. (we found out days later that he was safe)

We watched tv for a while longer. We were given the option to go home. I went over to where Dan was working and talked to him about it. They hadn't seen the tv. They didn't realize the magnitude of what was happening.

I think everyone called their loved ones that night. You spoke to people over the next few days that you would never normally call. It gave us security. It made us feel safe.

The days after that are full of American Pride. People down the street from us had a huge party that weekend. They had played Patriotic music all night with a yard FULL of people who inbetween songs would be yelling all together U-S-A, U-S-A. It gave you goosebumps. You couldn't drive down the highway without seeing pick up trucks with huge flags waving in the back. You'd cry at the sight. We had tv tributes, We had telethons, We had funerals and fund raisers.

We had bonding.

As many songwriters did, Dan instantly put his feelings & emotions into song. "Colors Don't Run" is the result. Listen to the words. They say it all.

I'll never forget how that day unfolded. I'm sure you won't either.

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