Saturday, September 5, 2009

Four Years Old

Every time I hear Nathaniel tell someone he's Four Years Old, I can't help but remember this:

It was a good birthday day. We got up early & frosted the cupcakes together for his class party. They loved the gummy worm added touch.

While heading out to the car, a particular four year old got in my way and I dropped one of the cupcake containers. Devastation ensued as Nathaniel thought his birthday was now over.

I failed to get any pictures of this catastrophe as there were 15 cupcakes and gummy worms on the floor, frosting everywhere and a very curious little girl ready to inspect everything.

I managed to salvage the 15 cupcakes, refrost them and we were on our way

His class had a pizza party with cupcakes, he wore a crown and birthday button all day.
We celebrated at home with cake after dinner.

We've had the star candle since Nathaniel's 1st birthday party. It's been used on every cake since. That's 11 cakes. The family birthday candle called it quits.

We tried & tried to relight it.

RIP 9/3/06 - 9/3/09.

We had to improvise with some pink candles. Yes, Pink. It's all we had, thanks to Auntie Betty's thoughtfulness at Audrey's party.

He took making a wish Very seriously. He wished for more letters.

Whatever that means.

He probably should've wished for boy candles for next year.

I give you one guess where this cake ended up:

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