Monday, June 8, 2009

How far we've come

A year ago, we were put in a nasty situation where we had to leave the daycare we loved. Things were falling apart and it just wasn't the same cozy, safe feeling that we'd had when we started Nathaniel there the year prior. We made what we thought was a very difficult decision & put the kids into a daycare center that had a massive amount of kids, in a gigantic building, staffed with people that were complete strangers.

The beginning was so hard. I remember his first day so vividly. He cried & screamed & cried in his new room with a some unknown girl trying to console him. I cried & screamed (well not really) & cried outside his room in a spot he couldn't see me. The next day was Audrey's first day and my first day back to work. Those days were long, hard & very emotional.

Fast forward 12 months.

When Nathaniel started preschool last September, he couldn't do anything like this:


Or This:


He looks forward to going every day now. He has his little herd of friends and he talks about them all the time. They play outside several hours a day and do all kinds of activities, songs, crafts inside. He's thriving there.

Audrey is now in the 12-18 month old room. She has her own little clique of friends and they're adorable together. Not too long ago, they were all tiny infants lined up in swings together. Now they're all cruising around, eating real food, interacting together. It's been so much fun watching not only how she's grown but all the kids around her as well.

They're not always easy but today was a great drop off. Nathaniel was excited to show his buddy Jackson his new McQueen hat and new light up Batman sneakers. Audrey went right from my arms to her teacher to go play blocks with the other girls.

As I left them both playing, it was nice to let out the big breath and know that they are in such good hands. It sure makes my job a whole lot easier.

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