Saturday, June 6, 2009

2 Feet High & Rising

I have very vivid memories of sitting in my house as a kid, listening to an 8 track of Johnny Cash. My favorite song of his was and still is "How highs the water mama?" It's even on my playlist on my iPod.

Last weekend, we lived thru the rising waters as a water main burst into our basement. We instantly had 6 inches which very quickly climbed to 2 feet before water works showed up to shut off the water.

It was an amazing day, fireman going in & out of the house, cleaning companies, lots of phone calls, lots of hauling, lifting, moving things and trying to protect whatever we could from further damage.

My favorite part was even though our kitchen was now filled with water & mud, the firemen still took the time to wipe their feet before entering our home. Their mama's taught them right.

The bad part is, we lost a lot of things. The good part is, we'll get a lot of new stuff. The best part of the day was watching our teamwork as a family pull together. The hardest part of the day was watching Dan try to salvage whatever he could of his music equipment. He handled the whole scene extremely well, I was proud of him.

Nathaniel had a great time. His first reaction was to put on hat & gloves, just like the fireman. He walked around with tools and random vacuum parts, doing his fair share of clean up. At one point, I gave him a camera and he did a great job with his own photo documentation. I need to find a cord for that camera so I can retreive the pictures he took.

The pics below are ones I took for insurance purposes. We've had a wonderful claim experience. I highly recommend everyone take the time in the next few days to pull out your policies and review your limits and what items you do/do not have scheduled. It was a huge weight off our shoulders to know we were covered properly.

Did I mention that we had a birthday party in our house the next day? I'll get those pics up soon. I promise.

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