Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

We're here, welcoming in Spring. It's been so nice to get outside without putting all layers on. It's been so nice to come home when it's light out. Last Saturday, we raked up 10 bags of leaves. We could easily do 10 more. They never end. But we were outside, in t-shirts, raking & grilling dinner, nuf said.

Audrey had her 9 month check up recently. She's 18 pounds, 28 inches, suffering from yet another round of double ear infections. This is probably the 6 one she's had in 10 months. She's a crazy crawler and getting the hang of surfing around on the furniture. She loves to clap, wave & smack her lips together. She'll play this game for hours with you if you let her. The countdown is on for the big 1st birthday. She switched rooms at school into the 1 yr old section. She's back down at the bottom of the herd again.

We're starting move her into whole milk. She chokes on puffs so real food is a long way off.

Nathaniel is maybe 42-ish pounds now. I have no idea how tall he is but he's up to at least my hip. Whatever that means. To say he loves school is a huge understatement. He's learning to write all his numbers & letters, he goes a great job writing his very long name, coloring, cutting. When he came home from school in September, all his papers said "keep trying" "needed help cutting", now he does all of it by himself and his papers stay "Great Job" "did by himself". Yesterday he came home with a paper that had to match up numbers to how many items (cows, dinosaurs, shapes, toys) were in each box. He did a great job cutting out the numbers and then got 100% right in matching. He's learned so much at preschool.

He's obsessed with the what, why & where right now, continuous questions about everything around him Not to worry, your ears don't start to bleed until the 17th hour. He has a crazy memory. It's really freaky sometimes. He remembers some random conversation Dan & I had 6 months ago where you didn't even know he was listening. He'll remember a place we brought him once a year ago and even what color shirt someone had on. I love seeing his ability to apply logic to situations grow.

He has quite a gross 3 year old side to him as well. Potty words, fresh mouth, disobedience. All great fun & games.

They're great together. She laughs at everything he does, he loves to be the big brother taking care of her. Except for when I catch him sitting on her telling her to giddy-up. Do you make him stop or do you grab the video camera? hmmm

Dan's had some breaks from his overtime. Been nice to have him around more, especially the Saturday mornings. My job has been in overdrive mode, sucking up way too much of my time. I also joined weight watchers with hopes that I'll have a little more motivation to drop the extra pounds. I blame it on the kids of course.

A few weeks ago, we went to a children's science museum here in Manchester. We were slightly disappointed with how many things were worn out or broken from so much abuse but Nathaniel didn't seem to notice.

The flying baby
The museum has a Lego exhibit.
They've rebuilt the Manchester Millyards as they were circa 1920s. It's amazing to see.
Seriously, ALL LEGOS
One last thing. There's this baby Stellan. He's not doing to well, his heart is very sick. I can't get him out of my mind. Maybe after reading a little, you won't be able to stop thinking about him either, and praying for him. He's 5 months old, so very little and so very sick.

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