Sunday, April 5, 2009

"I had a good day"

We had fun yesterday. While Dan was at work, we went to Home Depot Kid Construction thingy that they do the 1st Saturday of each month. The day's project was a birdhouse. With some slight assistance, he did a great job. You get an apron and with every project you do, you get a pin to put on it.

The finished project and it's proud craftsman
We did a little shopping afterwards and bumped into the Easter Bunny.
His expression cracks me up. SO SERIOUS.
I'll take a picture mom but let's not talk about the freaky enormous bunny sitting behind me
Can someone tell me why Walmart did not have any spring jackets for kids?!
We hooked up with Dan for lunch and then both boys got a quick cut. I normally don't like getting Nathaniel's hair cut at a quicky place, we were in a bind for time so this had to do. They always seem to cut it too short in the bangs area and then he's left with a massive forehead and a silly looking straight across cut.
We're avoiding the silly bangs look with some sweet product. Cool.

Audrey is sick...AGAIN. We're off to the Dr at 8:30 this morning for more drugs. She's such an addict.

DISCLAIMER: pictures on this post were taken with the OLD Nikon which explains their horrible blurriness and lack of spark.

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