Friday, May 14, 2010

I think I like this game

I've always seen people with coupons but never quite caught on to how they get them. I'd try the paper here & there but the coupons were always for stuff we'd never use so I ended up always costing me money to buy the paper to look for coupons that were supposed to save me money.

I spent this week researching different online communities that provide updates on sales, printable coupons & random promotions.

I made a list tonight of all the stuff we need that's available on sale at different stores then went over to CVS at 10pm to do my first attempt at beating the system.

I think I did pretty darn good. Out of pocket, I spent $51. Total cost of everything I got......


Go ahead, try and tell me that's not amazing!!

It's all stuff we use regularly too so I don't even feel I bought stuff just because...

This is fun!

I will admit, I was a little embarrassed during the check out scene.  All 22 year olds standing behind me at 11:10pm, with their munchies in hand, all looking way too cool. Me in my meme sweats, slippers, hair pulled back, make up wore off, a hoodie sweatshirt that apparently the cat had been sleeping on and a handful of coupons.  I looked like the biggest mom-dork ever.  But at least I saved some bucks!

Tomorrow, I will conquer Shaws.  I also have coupons for haircuts for the boys and am returning our cable boxes to Comcast since we're minimizing our service with them.  Funny thing is, we're not loosing any features, just finally got someone to put us on a different plan that's going to cut our bill $40 a month!

I'm on a roll. 

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