Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday nights at Wal-Mart

So I went to Wal-Mart last night in need of food and a bunch of randoms.   I generally don't mind Wal-Mart and can tolerate all the weirdness of it because I can get things so cheap.  

Anyways, N was helping me shop, he picked up some celery and just started eating it. So I threw the rest of it in a bag to pay for it.  Did the rest of the shopping and went to checkout - there's no sticker for the celery.   Kid can't find the code for it.  Started arguing with me that they don't sell celery that's not in a bag and am I SURE that this wasn't in a bag because there's no sticker and he can't ring it up without the code.  Asked if I knew how much it was, I made up $1.49.  He didn't believe me and insisted on calling a shift leader.  So he rings Everything up and we're all just standing there waiting for a precious shift leader to get a price for celery.  There's now a line behind me.  Shift leader isn't coming.  He's still going on about stupid celery out of the bag.   

I shut up. I just kept looking at him while he talked nonsense but I wouldn't respond to him.  I could SEE the celery from his check out area.  He could've just walked over, or asked someone close to us.  I refused to walk over because he was just being such jerk trying to argue with me about it not being in a bag because THEY DON'T SELL IT THAT WAY.  

Then he's giving me all kinds of excuses about why the shift leader wasn't coming.  Well, it's 10:00 and they usually count cash drawers at 10, that's what we do at this time of night you know, we count cash drawers and did you notice how quiet it is in here right now, it finally quieted down.   

He wouldn't shut up. 

N was touching the checkout bags and he snapped at N - You can't touch those, they need to stay where they are! 

Then I started thinking maybe he had some ocd issues and I was trying my best to be nice. 

Then he looks at me, line behind me is growing, he's getting totally uncomfortable about it.  I'm just standing there being silent.  He says "so, do you even really Want this celery???"   

Kiss of death right there buddy.

me: I wouldn't have put the celery in the cart if I didn't want it now would I? Isn't there possibly some other way you could find out the precious code for the celery so we can all move on with our night? 

him: um, no. I need a shift leader. (i think he peed himself a little)

Fat ugly haggard shift leader starts to wobble over, totally annoyed that we pulled her from counting her cash drawers, or whatever they do in those back rooms with the really bad two way mirrors. Cashier is totally proud of himself that he's about to BUST me because he's right and I'm wrong.  'do you know the code for the celery'    THREE OTHER CASHIERS yell out the lovely code for it.  Those three same cashiers were standing right around us the whole time. 

Look at that, Celery rang up for $1.49. 


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