Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am woman, hear me...


This morning started out a complete success. Nathaniel was cooperative, got dressed easily without me having to give second, third & fourth requests to just end up doing it myself. Audrey was very pleasant and helpful getting ready and even helping make her breakfast. They both ate peacefully, mostly without fuss. On the menu was oatmeal AND yogurt. They sure pack it away.

Right around 7, we were ready to go... Lunch boxes in hand, running clothes in the bag with my food for the day filled with healthy choices. Crockpot was in the fridge, loaded with chicken, potatoes and carrots with some random spices thrown in.  House was left in fairly good shape. 

Crazy work morning, finally got out for my run at 1pm. Up hill the first 1/2 of the way. I was sore & tight all over. Regretting not having time to stretch first. I even had to do a Very brief walk at the 5 minute mark. Get up all the hills, I can see our house on the horizon. I feel amazing, I pulled it off with plenty of time to spare.

Cross the street, get into our driveway, pull the key out of my pocket and realize........

I had my CAR key, not the house key.

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

I turned around in our driveway, tuck the key away deep into my pocket and head back to the office.   Thinking about how to salvage my fabulous dinner plans.  And punished myself with an extra .25 miles for my foolish mistake.

The way back was perfect.  Very breezy, very sunny and most importantly Down hill.  I hit the 3 mile mark and listened to James Brown remind me that I Feel Good!  I pushed a little harder.  Looped around Elm Street and got back to the office for a total time of 43 minutes.  I believe it was just around 4.25 miles total.

Dan got home before me and baked the chicken and made mashed potatoes. But, they weren't in fact red potatoes - they were yams.  I thought they seemed a little weird looking for red potatoes!

Kids struggled through the chicken dinner, as I expected. Nathaniel immediately pushed his plate away, which in turn his little Shadow did too.  He said it's yucky, so she said it was yucky.  FINALLY convinced him to try a little of it, so she did too.

Bath, snuggles with a movie and then they're both in bed. Minimal tears tonight.

I think I'll do the same run tomorrow. It was fun.   I realized what happened - I had to take my car key off to get to the house key. I took them both off, then got a phone call.  Dealt with that phone call but then wanted to bust butt to get out of the office before someone else might need something.  And that's where the fatal mistake was made.

Now that the day is over (big sigh inserted here) I get curious for what tomorrow will bring. We're doing some obedience boot camp here at the Morgan house.  It's definitely a challenge but hopefully will pay off in the end.

Off to go read pass out in bed. 

Goodnight Y'all.

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