Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I had a cute video from this morning of Nathaniel reading from his book of the week. I can't seem to get it uploaded for whatever reason and don't feel like dealing with technology right now so you're gonna have to wait. It involves words like sit, tap, dip. On the way to school today he was doing basic math in the backseat. These are the reasons I love his school.

Bedtime was amazing tonight. Why you ask? We took the kids to the park after school today. Keep in mind, they'd been up since 5am, play non-stop, have both already spend several hours outside today. We packed a quick picnic basket dinner and were on our way.

Nathaniel ran into Aiden from his class there. I swear, this kid sees someone he knows everywhere we go. I think he has more friends than Dan & me combined. So that was easy, he & Aiden tore up the playground. Audrey was everywhere, flying down the slides and climbing up the ladders. She has proven that she really has no fear. (well, except of cats at certain times of day)


I went running with a co-worker today. We started behind the baseball stadium, over a pedestrian bridge through the rail trail on the West side back over the Granite St Bridge to the car. Total mileage...... 4.4 miles. Very pretty scenery

It felt great. Well, it hurt. Today running hurt. The first half was tough - 3 quick walk breaks but from then on, no stopping.

I'm not a big fan of running with other people. I think it makes me do worse. Maybe I just haven't gotten good enough at it yet. I stress out about having to take breaks, which then makes me run worse, which then makes me not enjoy the time out. I hate not being able to have my music on. As much as I like to talk to my friends, I don't enjoy talking while running either. But they keep asking to go with me and I've run out of excuses.

I did really like this trail. Very pretty. This is a picture of the trail. I don't know who these people are but this was the only picture I could find on the good ol' net of part of the trail

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