Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day at the park

Yesterday couldn't have possibly been any nicer outside. We headed down to Griffin Park, with balls, bubbles and a scooter.

The scooter didn't last long so we walked the track which is 1 mile around. Then headed in to find a dry not-covered-in-duck poop area of grass. We did bubbles, soccer and lazing around.

The playground was packed. Nathaniel shocked us with all his climbing and daredevil moves. It was great to see him not be intimidated by the heights and different angles. He never would've done that stuff last summer. Audrey wasn't even walking when we were at the park last Summer so a huge difference in her play time.

Everyone fell asleep early last night (including me) and other than the cat waking us up all night with her yowling, we all slept peacefully.

For the record - Nathaniel dressed himself. This is our third summer with that MAINE sweatshirt, I think we've definitely gotten our $14.99 worth!! You can see a button down dress shirt peeking out from under it. He insisted on it.

There's a link at the bottom for all the pics but here's a sample

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