Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And this is how we start the day

A bunch of Saturday's ago, I wanted to see Michael Jackson's movie "This Is It". We'd left soccer at 12, movie started at 12:15, no time to drop Nathaniel off at home. I'd heard the movie was great and thought Nathaniel might like the band footage and all the effects of the show so What else do you do but bring him with you.

Regardless of what you think of Michael Jackson, I highly recommend the movie. Yah, he was a little weird. Yah, there was tons of controversy in his life. The movie didn't even hint to any of that. It was pure musical brilliance. A glimpse of what you would've seen had he ever gone on tour.

Nathaniel Loved the movie. The dancing, the band, the bulldozer scene near the end. The Thriller scene freaked him out & he had to hide.

Fast forward to Christmas. A co-worker gave me the soundtrack to the movie. It's good stuff. I can't wait to run to it outside in the spring.

I always play music in the morning while we get ready to go. It's a regular Dance Party USA at our house. What a way to start the day.

The kids were showing off some especially sweet moves this morning:

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