Monday, August 10, 2009

I have the best of intentions.

I get up at 5. I'm out the door at 7. (ish) Drop kids off and I'm at work no later than 8. Work work work. Fit in a 4 mile run in there somewhere. Try to leave by 4 but never actually leave till 4:40. Pick up kids, slam dinner down their crying, whining, messy throats. Draw straws with Dan for either bath or kitchen duty. By 7pm we start bedtime. After that, if it wasn't done during kitchen duty, make lunches & get out clothes for the next day.

At this point, everything in my body hurts. I just want to lay down.

And this is why I don't post often. That would take brain power and at this point in the day mine has expired. All I find myself doing is watching some retarded reality show that has no purpose in life but it means I don't have to think. At all.

So for now, I'm going stare at this picture and recharge my brain cells.

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