Tuesday, June 30, 2009

crash & burn

Every morning I wake up & think about what I want to post. Every single morning. I draft it out in my head, I think of what pictures or videos I want to upload, I feel determined to update & keep the internet up on our life.

Fast foward to 8:30pm when I actually sit down, alone, in the quiet.

Posting all the sudden isn't so important. Thinking about nothing and sleep all the sudden are much more of a priority. I want to post about the ending of the gymnastics season, I have lots of videos to upload, I never even posted Audrey's birthday party, or other random things going on up here.

But I'm sleepy.

For now, I'll leave you with this picture.

I was getting ready for work Monday and heard screaming followed by "Don't worry Mommy, she's not bleeding"

This is what happens when boy throws match box car & it lands in girls face.

For the record, she had blood dripping down her face.


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