Sunday, April 26, 2009

How many times can you say poop in one weekend

It started Friday morning. Nathaniel had many accidents at home within the one hour he was awake and ready to leave for school. Then I got a phone call at work around 10am asking me to drop off more underwear as he was clearly having problems. I cancelled a conference call, decided to turn in payroll late, ran to Kmart & bought 12 more pair of underwear and a package of 33 pullups. I figure that would last them for the day.

By Friday night, he was wiped and begging to go to sleep by 6pm. We thought maybe the worst was behind us but Nathaniel woke up at 10pm and had a pull up full of you-know-what, topped off with a nice coating of blood - always extremely heartwarming to see. Dan got him cleaned up while I made the all familiar call to the after hours nurse. We decided to see how he was in the morning and maybe it was just irritation from all the activity during the day.

Saturday morning, the poop storm contined. More blood, more frequency, less bowel control. Despite it all, he was in a GREAT mood. Very excited to go and do this:

Gymnastics 4-24-09 from dcm923 on Vimeo.

He showed improvement since last week. I'm so glad he went and was able to make it through the hour accident free. He's psyched that he can do the somersault all by himself.

Fast forward a little, things in the rear are still ominous. We take him in at 1:30 for an exam, where they confirmed, Yes, he's pooping blood. No, we don't know why. Off to the lab for a beautiful experience with a needle and we're sent home with a hat and 2 little culture containers.
So our first 80 degree day of 2009 was spent mostly inside - catching poop, talking about poop, cleaning up poop.

The good news is his blood work showed that his white cell count is just fine. As I write this, he's still dealing with bleeding. We'll drop off those two containers tomorrow and wait for our next batch of instructions.

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