Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gymnastics & Band Practice

Nathaniel started gymnastics last weekend. He had a great time - they did an obstacle course full of rings, balance beams, push ups, somersaults, rope swing, climbing, hand stands and more. It's an hour long and he was SO worn out afterward. It's a 4-5 year old class and clearly the other kids have been going for a while but he got the gist of it. It was definitely a challenge for him to do it all.

I videoed a TON of stuff but managed to screw up the camera - so i got a lot of great shots of my sweater & jeans & the floor. I did manage to salvage .58 seconds below.

Ignore the pageant mom talking next to me.

1st Time at Gymnastics 4-20-09 from dcm923 on Vimeo.

Dan & Nathaniel continue to have band practice in the basement. This weekend, Nathaniel introduced his new hit "the robot song". He cracks me up.

The Robot Song 4-19-09 from dcm923 on Vimeo.

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