Saturday, August 16, 2008

some videos

I finally downloaded all the videos off the camera from the past 2 months. This one is from 7-5-08. Nathaniel has been so in love with Audrey since the day we brought her home. He asks every day if she's big yet, so they can play together. He gets so excited when she watches him and now that she's making noises, he's estatic that she talks to him. It means the world to him that he can make her smile. He loves laying next to her and having them touch hands or feet or whatever it may be.

She's always had some crazy head & neck strength.

These pictures were taken when she was only 18 hours old:

I was trying to figure out if when our camera said 561 mintues, if it meant it had 561 minutes left or that I'd recorded 561 minutes. I had Nathaniel sing for me so I could watch the timer to see which it meant. Sometimes he gets all the letters, sometimes he recreats it.

8-16-08 ABCs from dcm923 on Vimeo.

fwiw - it meant i had 561, now 560, minutes left.

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