Sunday, February 21, 2016

My weekend in a nutshell

Friday, Audrey started throwing up 1am. She had a very long & painful 24 hours. 


10am: Eye appointment (my eyes haven't changed in a year, it's determined the light flashes are migraines not r.tears and I'm off medical watch unless something changes) 

3pm Funeral for coworker/friend's mom with friend dinner after 

7pm Night walk where Koda got himself AND ME sprayed by a skunk.  Did you catch the "and me" part??? Do you know how bad that smells?  

Dan and kids were 45 minutes away at a friends house. I'm on my own.  I had to run to the store, getting all kinds of looks and squished nose glances. Lifted said 80 pound dog into the bathroom (he refuses to go in the bathroom) almost broke my toe, cried about my toe for a few minutes, determined it wasn't broken and then lifted same smelly dog up & into the tub for 4 consecutive baths.  I forgot to bring towels in with me so Of course that means that the walls, floors and anything in between had to be washed too because he had time to shake everywhere. 

Sunday:   Nate had some amazing snow board runs.  

They progressed to head up to the top on the chair lift!  Very exciting.  

I watched for a while, he got four great runs in but then I couldn't find him.  It didn't make any sense.  He should've gone past me a few more times.  Told myself I was just being paranoid. 

Texted Dan "I can't find him, feeling worried"

Until I saw the medical team go up to the top, quickly. Feeling concerned. And then saw someone carrying his snowboard down.   Heart dropping.  Then I saw his hair sticking through the thermal blanket on the sled, behind the medical snowmobile all wrapped up sporting a wonderful neck brace.  

Called Dan.  "He's on a backboard, come now" and hung up.  This is where Audrey proceeded to obsess about which boots to put on.  I'm sure that discussion ended well..  

Here's the scanner call:

I was told he face planted, blacked out  and had a possible injury to C7 and they were concerned of a broken knee.  

Called Dan back "go to Elliot, it's serious". Probably should've told him a little more.  

Look at his face!!!!

Inside the ambulance, they said a pain level 10 is you're stuck and zombies are eating your brains and level 1 is you stubbed your toe, which are you?  Nate asked, what's 6 1/2?  At that point, I was pretty sure he was going to be fine.  

Three hours later, X-rays were fine and we were good to go.  

I spent the rest of day with more de-skunking, Dan replaced the failing sump pump and the kids had much deserved  down time.  

Audrey wore her snow boots by the way. 

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