Friday, September 26, 2014

I'd like a side of Crazy!!

2:30 am.  Everyone sleeping.   Then BOOM!!!

First we saw it was just a tree that fell (on a non-stormy night) but we quickly realized a car in the side of our house that caused a tree to fall.  

We're all fine.  House is fine.  Our cars are fine.  Fallen Trees have since been removed.   Driver fled the scene but later came back and had a lovely ride in the wagon.  

After some internet investigating, turns out he has a habit of extreme dui crashes and robberies.  Jail and rehab haven't seemed to help.    Also found out that his girlfriends brother died suddenly this week which may have been the reason of late night activities.  

Regardless, very thankful for the protection of the rock and tree he hit first that slowed him down before the freak of nature crash into our house.   

A day after

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