Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Serenity - Day One

Last year, we were offered a very sad, lonely, neglected summer camping trailer located in beautiful Rumney NH.     

(tarp is for snow cover)

We turned it down, something didn't seem right and we weren't mentally ready for the project. 

This year, we were offered the same summer trailer located in beautiful Rumney, NH.   We hemmed & hawed about it for Months.   We researched, drove by, researched some more, talked to other trailer owners...   We had the key sent to us so we could visit the trailer on the inside...  

And this is what we saw:

No one has tended to this site for two years.. Very Sad.  

 Something(s) had clearly been living in the trailer. 
They were very neat in how they lived but they sure had taken over. 

We thought the fridge had been stolen, turns out, it had been sold.

Porch with brand new windows

Under the sink, full of debris

Under the table... 

On the beds... 

Surprisingly only ONE true nest to be found

They even took over the bathroom

We walked out, Locked the door and said FORGET IT...

And then we felt sad.  Sad at what could've been.  Sad for the lack of HUMAN life & love that the trailer would never have again.  

So we went back in.   We walked through again, looked at things with a less disgusted pair of eyes.  Saw beyond the mess.  It wasn't even GROSS mess, just a lot of it.  Nothing smelled.  Nothing mushy to step in.  Just a mess.

We packed up & went out for lunch & took a vote.

Dan - Maybe.
Me - Yes.
Nathaniel - Yes.
Audrey - "I want to go home".

We talked about it more over ice cream. We sent out some more emails during the week and did more research...

Final Answer - Yes.

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