Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tonsils, Sledding and more!

The tonsils are Gone! She's doing awesome.  
She was So brave going into surgery, slept the day and night away.  She's blown us all away so far with how well she's handling it all. We got home from the hospital around noon and she instantly went back to jumping on the trampoline. Her day never stopped.  They say it will get worse... We'll see

On Sunday we went sledding. 

It's time to move up.  Karate has been going great, it's time to graduate to the next level class.  He has two trial classes to show he can handle the harder class.  They do NOT mess around in this class. 
One more trial class, another test and if he does well in all that, then a graduation class next Thursday.
Here's a glimpse of some self defense they're learning.  First step of what to do when grabbed by a stranger or in a fight:

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