Friday, November 19, 2010

Everyone makes mistakes...

... even me.

I was dying for REAL chicken fingers tonight.  We had a ton of chicken in the fridge and all the right ingredients, so we started the adventure.  Audrey moved on and watched tv with her crackers while Nathaniel got all the ingredients out and followed directions to a tee.

Egg, flour, vinegar, baking soda, bread crumbs, milk and so on.  We were doing great.  1 Quart of oil in the pan.

And that's where it all went wrong.  I put it on high to hurry it along, I put a lid on it to avoid anything splattering out and burning either of us.

Took the marinading chicken out of the fridge, took the lid off the pan and BOOM, smoke filled the house instantly.  Stop, Drop & Roll type smoke.

I took the pan outside, Nathaniel grabbed scarfs for us all to wrap around our faces, I opened windows, he got us all paper bags to breathe in & out of, I started some fans, he explained to Audrey that we were going to be ok.  He was amazing.

The house was full of smoke, it was awful, I've never seen anything like it just from simple cooking. We froze during the airing out process but eventually things were back to normal.

We salvaged the oil, started over & ate delicious homemade chicken fingers followed up with pumpkin pie.  Everything was right in the world again.

Things we learned:

      You shouldn't turn oil on high while trying to speed up the process
      You shouldn't put a lid on the oil that's on high
      Nathaniel really listened during fire safety week

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