Friday, September 10, 2010

Are you BOARD?

It's been Karate week. 

Tuesday night - tested for new stripe, he did great. 5 more weeks till a new belt! 
Thursday night - Parent Coaching Seminar
Friday night - Kids Safety Seminar

Let's go back to Thursday night. The only reason I went was because for me going, he gets a really cool patch that goes on the pant leg of his uniform.  I thought it was going to be a lecture type seminar about helping your kid thru karate's challenges.  Whatever, I can give up 40 minutes to listen right?  WRONG. It was a CLASS.  I broke some serious sweat, I was NOT dressed properly for it and was shocked at how hard it really was.  

I was lined up with this other girl. We had to kick, punch, duck and do all kinds of other awkward moves at each other.  We'd punch each other and then immediately follow up with a "I'M SO SORRY!!!!!"   

At the end of class, we were handed a wooden block and told to break it.  I was first up.  I was nervous. I couldn't look stupid in front of the Entire class. They'd all laugh at me! What if it was really hard?!  What if it hurt?!? What if I got a splinter or broke a nail!?!

One strong heel punch, a loud KIAI, and I did it, snapped that thing in two. PHEW! 

He'd better appreciate that patch!  He'll be awarded it next Tuesday at class.  I sure hope it's an iron on. 

Then tonight, kids safety.   They talked about strangers, fire, emergencies and other random safety issues. They taught them how to get out of a wrist grab from a stranger, how to pretzel yourself around an object so you can't get stolen and how to yell for help the right way.

At the end of class, they handed boards out to the visitors to bring back tomorrow. He managed to claim a board and they let him break it right there on the spot!   

He did great! Split it right in half.  Sure made me proud! 

I only had my flashless cell phone with me. Would've been a great picture otherwise. Oh well.

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