Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Days

Everything is off to a mostly good start.

Friday night Dan had to play and so the kids & I went shopping for a few randoms. BIG MISTAKE.  Friday and shopping just don't mix for them, I need to remember that next time I get that itch.


Carter's Birthday party at Tri-Town Ice Arena.   It was so much fun!  They had pizza, cake & presents then we all hit the ice. The boys had a little lesson with their walkers and off they went - right onto their rears.  It was so funny to watch them all.  Audrey went onto the ice for a few minutes.

Later that night, we dragged ourselves out for date night for the 1 year anniversary at a new club in town.  Great night.  Kids are doing excellent with their new babysitter.  They practically push us out the door.


Liquid Planet Water Park in Candia - 2 exits away. What a great place for kids (of all ages, I must add).  Just enough to keep you busy, not enough to be completely overwhelming.  There's a splash pad area, water slides and a small lake to swim in.

The rest of the photos from both the birthday party and water park can be seen here.  

The water slides were SO.MUCH.FUN.  I didn't get any pictures there but picture speed and us and kids and water. Great time.  Audrey would've done that all day if it were up to her.  The faster the better. We hit the splash pad, slides & pool had lunch and then ventured down to the lake.  By the time we did the lake, everyone was kinda beat.  We swam out to the air raft and then just rested in the shallow water.  We planned to hit the slides one more time but Nathaniel put us to the test with throwing one more rock, which he'd been strictly instructed not to do.  So we packed it up & headed out.  They both fell asleep instantly in the car, we grabbed some coffee and went for a long drive, enjoying the breeze.

Tuesday night we're heading north for 2 nights, I can't wait. This mini-getaway is exactly what we need.  Canoes, waterfalls, hiking, maybe more moose sightings??  Saturday, Dan is playing at the Cheshire Fair so we'll get there early to visit with the animals and maybe a few rides. Then the band is playing at a kid friendly place Saturday night, so I think we'll make an appearance there as well, if they're not too wiped out.

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