Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another weekend DONE

We went to Maine Saturday.
We had a great lunch, overlooking the water
Even better ice cream
The Sun was shining
The breeze was blowing
Traffic was light both directions
We threw rocks in the water
The kids got new hats

Saturday night, I finished my first book on my Nook.  I love that thing.
You can fall asleep reading and not lose your place.

Kids were fighting like crazy today.  In fact, they still are, even while I type this. 
I decided to get out of dodge with the younger of the demon children.
I pushed 30 pound child in the stroller for 5.25 miles. THAT is way hard. Don't believe me? Try it.  
LOTS of hills.
I walked more than I wanted to, but at least I got some good miles in and lots of good hill work.

While on route:

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