Friday, July 9, 2010

I think I see a connection..

This is Strange.

When we got Mazie, the people said she had no sense of smell from so many respiratory infections when young.  I asked for their vet records, they had none.  I never knew to believe this or not, what did they possibly base this on?

I brought Mazie to the vet earlier this week for a check up.  She had massive ear infections.  Ya, I know, can't even get an Animal without ear issues right?! 

Since then, she's been on heavy drugs and miraculously came running when I opened tuna tonight.   Think there's a connection??

Speaking of ears, kids are getting fitted tomorrow for real ear plugs and head bands to protect their cute little Tympanic membranes.  This is perfect timing as we're off to a hotel for the weekend to swim & play then go meet Thomas & Sir Topam Hatt in North Conway Saturday.    

Can't wait to let them finally be able to swim like Normal kids. 

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