Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Updates

I'm so excited that it's already Wednesday. Two more days, then 3 days off, then 3.5 days of work then we go away for the weekend, then I have a 3 day class for work, then we're almost at VACATION! I'm so ready for the down time.

I've owned up to the fact that I'm not having much success with eating right on my own. As of last night, I started back up at the weight watchers meetings.   There I was again, in the backrow, hiding from all the spotlight hogs that love to hear themselves talk - The Whole Time.

Nathaniel's summer program is in full swing and he is showing all signs of side effects from being completely drained at the end of the day.  I take that as a good thing, his days are certainly full.  We're getting into routine with having added karate twice a week.   The hardest part of that is picking him up but leaving Audrey at school for another hour.  I hate it but it's SO hard to bring her with me, she's just too young to grasp the sitting sit theory.

Audrey is a crazy talker. We can Mostly understand her and if we can't she figures out a way to get her point across.  She's strong willed to the nth degree.  She sings ALL the time and has really gotten great at coloring on walls and furniture.

Mario Kart has become a huge downtime activity lately. What a great buy that was.  Apparently, it puts the cat to sleep.

See the jar on the left? That has spare change in it.  See the slot in the toaster? That now has spare change in it too.  I caught Audrey feeding money into the little slot on the side of the toaster. Maybe she's practicing for a future trip to Vegas? I don't know. But looking at this reminds me, I need to add "new toaster" to the shopping list for this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, I anticipate a lot of pool time, maybe head to the beach?  Not sure if we'll even bother with fireworks.  Next weekend we head north to meet up with Thomas the Train!  The kids will love the train, I'm looking forward to the hotel. Hotels = no chores! 

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