Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nah, they're not fresh at all?!

Earlier today:

(during dinner)
Dan:  Stop playing with your glass.

Nathaniel: It's not glass Dad, it's plastic.


(thinking she was running with food in her mouth)
Me: Audrey, what's in your mouth?

Audrey: TEETH! (stopped, smiled, pointed to them and then continued to run)


We hit the road & went to Santa's Village Saturday.  We left our house during a massive thunderstorm downpour with hopes that it would clear by the time we got to Jefferson. Thankfully, It did.  Mostly.  It rained off & on during the day but we were fine.  Until thunder & lightening started while Nathaniel & I were AT THE TOP of the ferris wheel.  Yah, that was fun.

Lots of pictures & video to come this week. It'll take me a bit to get around to editing it all. We were definitely tourists for the day.

Best quote of the day:

After driving FOR-EV-ER, Audrey pipes up from the back:


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