Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend in review.

I'm already counting down the weeks till another long weekend. We stuck close to home, trying to make time stand still.

I hit success at CVS again. All this for $65. Total saved = $132!

Sunday night the boys slept out in the tent. I never thought they'd make it, especially after fireworks started somewhere nearby. I'll tell you a secret, it wasn't the younger of the Morgan men that called it quits. We forgot that we haven't replaced our air mattress yet since the water damage last year, so Dan's back had had enough by 2am.

Nathaniel was great prepping for his great campout. The way he was saying goodbye for the night, you'd think he was moving to China. Telling me to be safe in the house, make sure I shut the door, wishing me & Audrey a good night. He came in at one point to 'check on us' to make sure we were ok without them in the house.

Monday we headed to the Memorial Day parade. We stopped for ice cream on the way back, cooked dinner on the grill and the kids were asleep before 6:30. That's the sign of a good day!

Here's the fam... You can tell everyone is having a great time waiting for the start.
Manchester has all the cool stuff - Roller Derby Girls! I can't wait to go to an event.

Can't get enough of the Roller Girls.

I felt bad for the bands.  If they screwed up a note, they got sprayed by adults holding water bottles.
Don't you think that's a little cruel? I guess they take band playing very seriously around here.

Love the Canadian haze we're experiencing?

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