Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Miss A.

Man was it hot yesterday. Hot again today, I'm so not ready for this.  We're trying this year to avoid the air conditioners in the house.  I never liked them last year, way too loud and the air always smelled a little funky. I missed having windows open and they're an eyesore.   So we're experimenting with fans in strategic spots of the house.   Dan's still trying to convince me that this will work and we won't all die from heat exhaustion.

I got a new toy yesterday - Blackberry 8520.  It was a tough decision between the very cool looking Droid or the upgrade of the BB that I already have.  I went practical - avoided the touch screen, stuck with what I'm familiar with, low cost - and had the BB overnighted. It came yesterday and I Love It!  What a cool phone, highly recommend it. I'm in love.

I'm considering having the cat shaved. She's dying with this heat & all her hair. I keep thinking we got a new rug, nope, that's just the cat making herself low to the ground and as spread out as possible. I think she slept in the tub last night. 

Audrey's appointment went great. She performed right on cue: naming all the animals on a puzzle with each of their sounds, counting to 11 without being prompted, jumping repeatedly off a high stool and giving the Dr a heart attack each time. She has 2 molars still to go but everything else checked out fabulous.   I didn't get her stats - they weighed her in kg and getting her length was torturous so I'll look those up later in her chart.  She got the chicken pox vaccine and 3 CareBear stickers.   

Nathaniel never remembered the shots part of a Doctor's appointment, it was always so easy to get him in there.  Audrey takes one look at the M.A. and FREAKS right out. Good thing she doesn't take it personal!  I can barely get her up on the table for the exam because she KNOWS that's where bad things happen.  She's strong and even stronger willed.  Poor thing. 

We came home after and put the new sprinkler toy to the test.  I took lots of great pics and will put them up before the end of the week.  The water was very cold cold cold but it sure felt great!   Next up, setting up the pool! 

One interesting fun fact: I had the Dr look in N's ears to confirm his tubes are still in - he Swears one fell out and he's been asking me to talk louder a lot, so I've been very anxious for his hearing test in June. Anyways, both tubes are still there, one is barely hanging on but he's also managed to get some sort of bright purple object lodged in his right ear. She said it's small and not in the way of the drum.  He insisted he didn't put anything in his ear and she said we were ok to wait until the ENT appointment to deal with it as long as he doesn't complain.  Weird huh?

Nathaniel had a rough time at it yesterday. One of his little friends is turning into quite the meanie. I guess he punched N on the head while out on the playground (N wasn't the only one he was abusing).  Then getting ready to do the sprinkler, he slipped off the top step on the second floor and did one of those Scarlet O'Hara somersault falls and landed heavily on the hard wood floor at the bottom. It was nauseating to hear and I can't even imagine how much it hurt.  Then coming in from the sprinkler, he was of course soaking wet and went running into the house, slipping & falling hard onto the kitchen floor. THEN he went to bed and about 45 minutes into his sleep, we hear a massive bang upstairs because he fell out of bed!  What a bad day!

I'm pampering myself tonight with a cut & color appointment. I've never ever had my hair colored professionally before. I can't wait.   Blonde? Red? Brown? What will it be?  

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