Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 favorite pictures

I have yet figured out how to get the thousands of pictures off my Dell and onto my MacBook. The external hard drive doesn't seem to want to work as easily as it was supposed to and it makes me tired to think about calling tech support. I have limited pictures to work with on this computer but some rainy day, I might just get motivated to figure it all out.

Today was beautiful outside. Hard to know how to dress the kids for schools. I sound like an 80 year old when I say "it's all about layers". I didn't get to run the past two days because of crazy work but I hope to get to the gym for the next four days in a row. Small goals right?

I'm looking forward to a weekend of cold & rain. I'm probably the only one in the Universe hoping for such things. I just want some downtime, stuck in the house, no pressure to have to go anywhere.

I ordered this book: and it'll be here Friday. I can't wait to plow through it.

Still trying to decide about swim lessons. The ears have been such issues for both of them and I'm feeling very selfish of having to give up a Saturday or Sunday morning to go to the Y. I finally smartened up and put ear plugs in at bath time tonight. What a huge difference! There were no tears or screaming about the water! When I asked Audrey if she wanted to get out she said "no thank you". I can't explain the difference. For the past month, we've practically had to sponge bath her because of her fear of the tub. Take that you stupid ear tubes.

Good night.

edited to add: next project is to remove the lady walking behind Audrey in that picture. She drives me nuts. stay tuned.

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