Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm awfully tired for such a fast week. I'm glad it's almost done. 4pm Friday can't come soon enough. Been long days with even longer nights. We haven't been getting settled at night til late. Not sure why things have been taking so much longer this week. Audrey's ears are clearly bothering her. This pain doesn't seem to introduce itself until the late hours of the night. This is about the same time the new cute little kitty decides that it's a great time to play with anything that isn't a permanently fastened fixture within the house.

Long days. Long nights.

Next week starts a 2 week crazy session at work of training for our new management system. Days off are not allowed during this time. The kids are banned from getting sick until forever.

I didn't run today. I planned on going but then it started snowing then raining so I opted for a manicure instead. I walked fast in the parking lot.

That counts right?

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