Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's all how you say it.

Nathaniel is smart. He knows exactly how to play us. What he doesn't realize, is that we're smarter.

Sometimes he acts afraid to go upstairs by himself. I know this is his ploy to suck me into playing trains, cars, puzzles, swordfights, school, or whatever random adventure he wants to take me on in his make believe world. He says he's afraid of the fire alarm. He doesn't want to walk by it alone.

This morning, I called his bluff. Our dryer has an amazing feature that steams your clothes. It's great to touch up clothes that have been hanging or maybe didn't get washed and need a refresher before you *ahem* wear them again.. Since I pulled my shirt for today from the pile in the corner on the floor, I put it in to get out a few wrinkles.

While I was getting Audrey ready, I asked Nathaniel to go get my shirt.

Me: NATHANIEL! I have a HUGE job for you to do. Can you go get my shirt out of the dryer?

N: No, I don't want to.

Me: Please? I really need your help and it's a super special job for you

N: No, you can do it

Me: But it's a super huge job

N: No, I don't want to go down there

Me: Yah, I can see why you're too scared. Maybe when you're 5 you'll be brave enough to go in the basement by yourself. It's probably too much for a 4 year old.


Me: Well, I guess.....

N: I AM! See Mommy, I'll go get your shirt all by myself!

And that's how you do it folks.

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