Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Flashback 10-16-09

I have lots to post about - I really do.

My job is changing
Dan's job is going well
Had my first parent/teacher conference as a result of a poorly behaved 4 year old
Audrey is growing up
We've done fall activities
We've had fair gigs

I have some good pictures of life.

But Today's Friday, so it's Friday Flashback day.

I took this a year ago:

The real picture is actually boring & gross.

I just didn't capture it the way I wanted. So in comes Photoshop. Yes, the saturation level could be a tad strong, but it's my picture, it's my computer, I have the power.

Straight out of the camera:

Gross huh?

Photoshop is our friend:

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mummydr said...

Great pics Carrie. I love your Friday flashback idea I might have to steal it! Sounds like you have a lot happening right now.