Monday, July 27, 2009

All Aboard!

As Dan nursed his knee last weekend, I was trying to think of something to do to get the kids out of the house. Since Nathaniel has an obsession with trucks & trains I thought it'd be great to take him on a real live train ride. We met up with Auntie Betty in Manchester, MA and rode the train to Rockport and back. He loved it!

We got there extra early just to be sure we didn't miss the train.

FINALLY! The train arrived. And then the train blew RIGHT-BY-US! We were standing at the wrong stop!! Not sure how we confused the one with the train sign, bench and covering as the actual train stop - Silly Us! Such amateurs!!

So Betty has Nathaniel, I have Audrey and a folded up stroller and again, the big black kid bag (I think it's time to downsize) and we're going as fast as little feet can take us. We're almost there, we can see the loading area. THE TRAIN STARTS GOING!!! NO NO NO NO NO We're waving and yelling and waving. I starting to plan how I'm going to explain to a destroyed little boy that got to SEE the train but not ride it. This is going to be horrible.

PHEW! The train stops. The guy is now Yelling at us to hurry up. I snapped back at him "We're doing the BEST we can" He puts his male feathers out, puffs his chest and said "What did you just say?". So I put my best mean mom face on and said back "We're going as FAST as we can, you COULD offer to help!"

We finally get to the door, now there's a one foot jump between the loading area and the actual train. Nathaniel freezes. The Conductor is steaming mad. He gets hoisted over the crevase and finally, we're on the train.

Betty and I collapse as the train takes off.

The kids loved it. Nathaniel pointed out everything and took it every tiny detail. Audrey made friends with the other passengers.

Thank you for coming Auntie Betty!

We made it to Rockport in one piece.

We met up with Papa and Gail for delicious ice cream & then headed back to the car.

I didn't get any ice cream pictures. I think I was still too nervous about missing the train, being at the wrong stop again. The next train didn't come for 3 more hours.

All & All it was a complete success, cranky conductor included. It wouldn't be a true adventure without some good ol' drama.

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