Monday, April 27, 2009

He's very brave.

We debated all afternoon Sunday about if Nathaniel should go to school or not on Monday. By Sunday night, his bowel issues seemed to have cleared up so the answer seemed easy. He had a great night sleep, no accidents, no sickly wake ups other than a few bad dreams about his teacher not giving him his plant (they're each growing a plant in the window to watch the process).

When he got up this morning, he had lots more blood so the answer was clear - we needed more answers! So we headed to the Dr's at 9:30 to see his official pediatrician. Her opinion was to admit him to the hospital for fluids to clear up the dehydration while we wait for test results to return and run a few more tests while there.

Ever since we had Audrey, Nathaniel believe's there's a baby in his belly & that baby's name is Carter. So he was certain we were heading to the hospital to get his baby out. He was so convinced, that he told everyone on the way in that that's why we were there. They'd listen to him, then size me up & down and turn their head like a confused puppy as I CLEARLY don't look 9 months pregnant. RIGHT? I don't. Looking back, I should've played it up to really confuse the heck out all of them ~ breathing heavily, let out a few moans all while holding my back.


After getting hooked up to some yummy IV drugs, they sent us to ultrasound to rule out Intussusception - this came back negative, big relief. The highlight of that was setting off the baby low jack alarm while being trasported which causes the hospital to go into shut down mode for a possible pedi-abduction. We're always up for a good adventure around here.

He's named his IV sock puppet Zachary. Go figure.

We hung out in the room few more hours and I got a call from our Dr's office telling me that he did test positive for C-Diff. This was most likely caused from him being on so many antibiotics for his ears & sinuses over the past few months. Very simple cure and easiest diagnosis considering......

BUT it might not be just that. The dr thinks if it were just c-diff that he'd have more discomfort, fever and vomitting. So we're here overnight and will have a nuc scan in the morning to take a look at his stomach - I can't remember the name of what they're looking for. That'll be tomorrow's learning lesson.

We're in a great room with a view of the City buildings.
There's a bed and a crib in here, Just don't feed the animals:


Yes, she is chewing a plastic bag. No, I'm not sure how she got her hands on it. Apparently, it was more important to me to take a picture than to remove the plastic bag. But if she's gonna choke, now would be the time to do it. We could just set off the pedi alarm again and have the entire Elliot staff come running to save her from choking.

He's training to be a cage fighter in the octagon
(that won't be funny to you unless you've seen Napoleon Dynamite)

I'll leave you with this shot as I'm now gonna get in bed and snuggle with a crabby boy that just got woken up to drink a very gross medicine.


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