Saturday, July 5, 2008

you can go anywhere

Two Mondays, I decided enough was enough and This was the week that we were going to conquer potty training. That day, the timer went off every 20 minutes and Nathaniel & I marched into the bathroom. If he went, which he did every time, we did a funky potty dance and he got to put a sticker on the sticker chart. By the end of the day, we were stretching the timer out to every 40 minutes. He did excellent. The next day wasn't as structured and he still did great. Each day improved. The only time he had an accident, was if I got involved in something (that something is roughly 8.5 pounds and Very cute) and forgot to remind him.

Three days later, we upped the bar & stopped allowing diapers for nap time. In 2 weeks, he's only had 2 nap time accidents. Pretty impressive I think. We're still working on him actually telling us he has to go. The #2 issue is a whole nuther matter.

I'm thrilled that it's been this easy. I'm even more thrilled that I'm not supplying TWO kids with diapers. Big sigh of relief.

The whole reason for this post is all so I had a reason to post the following picture. I think the part of potty training that Nathaniel has enjoyed the most, is being able to drop his pants and go, whenever & whenever. Because he can.

I couldn't resist picking up the camera when I saw this:

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MichelleRenee said...

I shall leave Aiden on your doorstep first thing Monday morning for you to work your potty magic.

He's not grasping the ALL THE TIME concept. Maybe him and Nathaniel can talk this out?